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 Left guild on server

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Left guild on server Empty
PostSubject: Left guild on server   Left guild on server EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 9:43 am

So im gonna be out of the guild for a while on Magic. At the moment im just going guildless but i might join another for raiding purposes or if enough people come back to DI to make a 10 man raid for TOC i'll come back.

Also to all who have crappy gear cus they havnt played for a while, all i can say is donate.

Its $8 for a piece of your choice and if that piece is a item lvl of 258 and would take you hours to get, get it, its awesome. So everyone whos coming back depending on your gear, donate till you are gs of at least 4900 or else you wont be getting into any raid and there will be no gear.

I will post a guild for the instance if you wish
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Left guild on server
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